Lauren Christine Riffle is a registered Yoga Teacher, certified Reiki Master Teacher and Writer/Vocalist. 

Through the gentle yet powerful practices of restorative/Hatha Yoga, Reiki and Song, I support clients in the process of cultivating sustainable pathways and resources for experiencing increased states of wellbeing. 

I hold accepting, loving space as you cultivate love and acceptance within.

What is shared in session is held sacred. 

You are sacred. 

Integration through practice, so that we may come to recognize our true nature is the essence of the work I share through yoga, reiki + song. The broader intention of this work is to bring our cultivated love + acceptance to our community + world at large.

We are all in this together. 

supportive + inclusive

Gentle. Trauma sensitive. Individuals of diverse gender, ethnicity, age, physical ability and spiritual/religious beliefs are welcome.  These practices complement various therapeutic + medical courses of treatment. 


journey with me @laurenyogareikisong

Feet on the earth, I feel the ground below me. I come to my senses to shift and settle and see from the heart. Breathe In, Body Softens. Breath Out, Heart Opens. 

kind words from students + clients

Sophia, Life Coach 

Lauren has this amazing gift of welcome. Like we just belong, no matter who we are or the baggage we bring. And in the most compassionate way she creates this soft invitation for us to sink into this space and set that baggage safety down with a sigh of relief. 

Sara, Vital Earth Ranch

Reiki 1 training was such a blessing and beautiful experience. I feel I've been given the key I've been looking for all my life, and it was right under my nose. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to bring mindfulness to this gift we all have, and share it. Thank you Lauren  for your guidance and compassion. You so gracefully teach this amazing ancient wisdom and bring inspiration to the journey of healing, spiritual growth and awakening.

Mely, Yoga Teacher

Thank you Lauren, for sharing the rich and ancient wisdom of Reiki healing tradition . Your passion for this practice created such an authentic delivery ~ It felt so natural while still so powerful. 


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