Preparing For Attunement

Reiki Initiation/Empowement


An attunement or initiation is a concentrated sharing of Reiki that empowers the student to carry Reiki potential in their hands. This sacred ceremony makes a connection through the biofield {subtle/energetic body} such that healing pulsations transmit from a limitless source. Those who have received Reiki attunement become a refined channel for the transmit of Reiki. 


Reiki is a gentle and loving modality, be easy on yourself in the week to come and do what you are able- trust deeply that everything is unfolding as it should. Rest, nutrition and grounding practices are wonderful allies in preparation for initiation. If you are able, please take some time each day between now and the day of class to meditate. This can be as simple as a few conscious breaths/setting intentions/gratitude/reviewing the Reiki Principles--doing so will help focus your mindbodyspirit on becoming a channel for Reiki energy & healing. 


When possible, please avoid caffeine, sugar & alcohol, especially the day before/day of.  

Drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest. 



Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal should you wish to take notes. We will have an hour lunch break- there is space on site to enjoy your meal in the garden should you wish. Herbal tea will be available throughout the day. 



Please bring something to bless our altar for the day. Something that connects you to the energy of healing-compassion-kindness-gratitude. Perhaps a natural element, stone, diety, photograph- anything that speaks to your heart. Your spirit is such a beautiful part of the offering and experience we will be creating together, the most important thing is to just show up! 


Thank you for making the choice to open your heart to Reiki, an ancient energy that is already within you. It will be a gift to self and will surely touch all those whom you encounter. Should you have any questions, please contact me. 


Love + Light, Lauren ​

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