Usui System of Natural Healing

Reiki 1: The First Degree 

Hands On 

Course Outline

Next Training: January 18th, 2020

Reiki is a subtle and profound system of hands on healing with ancient roots. Reiki is a beautiful practice to support your personal wellness journey {mindfulness, self-love, spiritual-growth, meditation} as well as a powerful companion offering for yoga teachers, massage therapists, and all those offering health/wellness services.

Having no contraindications, this gentle yet powerful healing system promotes balance & harmony in the whole self~ physical, mental/emotional and spiritual {mind, body, spirit}. 

What You Will Learn/Receive

~History/Origins of Reiki

~The Reiki Principles/Precepts

~Intro to the Subtle/Energy Body

~Gassho Meditation

~Self-Treatment/Healing Protocol 

~Reiki 1 Attunement 

~Practice giving + receiving a hands-on session 

~Grounding Techniques + Self Care 


An attunement or initiation is a concentrated sharing of Reiki that empowers the student to carry Reiki potential in their hands. This sacred ceremony makes a connection through the biofield {subtle/energetic body} such that healing pulsations transmit from a limitless source. Those who have received Reiki attunement become a refined channel for the transmit of Reiki. Read: Preparing For Attunement 

Materials Included

~Reiki 1 Syllabus

~Chakra/Energy Body Chart

~Gassho Meditation Instructions

~The Reiki Principles

~Certification Upon Completion

~List of educational resources 

~Ongoing Support/ Teachings in Reiki Share FB Group

"Reiki 1 training was such a blessing and beautiful experience. I feel I've been given the key I've been looking for all my life, and it was right under my nose. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to bring mindfulness to this gift we all have, and share it. Thank you Lauren  for your guidance and compassion. You so gracefully teach this amazing ancient wisdom and bring inspiration to the journey of healing, spiritual growth and awakening."

— SaraT. 


"Lauren is an amazing and gifted healer! She has such a nurturing heart and her classes have such a magical grace and flow. I highly recommend taking her Reiki certification classes if you feel called."
— Krista R.

"I so look forward to continuing Reiki training with Lauren! Lauren is an AMAZING teacher!! The healing energy just flows out of her being with pure love and light and appreciation to all around her. A must class if you have been thinking of learning Reiki!"
— Anita S.

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