Usui System of Natural Healing

Reiki 2: The Second Degree

Distance Healing

Course Outline

This course is for those who have received the Reiki 1 attunement, incorporated self-healing & The Reiki Principles in to your practice and who feel called to continue on this beautiful path of healing. This course is open to those who received their Reiki 1 Certification elsewhere, please contact Lauren for more info. 

Reiki 1 invites the dedicated practitioner a pathway to healing + spiritual growth through increased awareness & refinement of life flow energy in the physical body through self-practice. In Reiki 2 we continue on the path of self-healing, as well as sharing this modality through hands on and distance sessions with others. What You Will Learn/Receive

~Reiki 1 Review/ The Reiki Principles/Precepts

~The 3 Pillars of Reiki

~The Reiki Symbols + Drawing Them 

~Distance Healing Protocol  

~The Subtle Body, Increasing Your Awareness

~Reiki 2 Attunement 

~Practice Hands On + Distance Healing

~Grounding Techniques + Self Care 

~Reiki Code of Ethics, Walking The Path of Integrity

Materials Included

~Reiki 2 Syllabus

~Reiki Advanced Practitioner Symbols 

~Certification Upon Completion

~List of educational resources 

~Ongoing Support/ Teachings in Reiki Share FB Group

"Lauren is an amazing and gifted healer! She has such a nurturing heart and her classes have such a magical grace and flow. I highly recommend taking her Reiki certification classes if you feel called."
— Krista R.

"I so look forward to continuing Reiki training with Lauren! Lauren is an AMAZING teacher!! The healing energy just flows out of her being with pure love and light and appreciation to all around her. A must class if you have been thinking of learning Reiki!"
— Anita S. 

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